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June 23, 2009

The Weekend

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Did the weekend thing.  The modelchild has been wanting to go to Holiday World for some time now.  Well, Saturday was the day and we got up and got out early and arrived at the park  just as it opened.  In this we were aided by the fact that Santa Claus, IN is on CDT and thus is an hour behind us.

I did not realize it, but Holdiay World, which started life as Santa Claus Land in August 1946, claims to be the world’s oldest theme park.  The park, which is now Holiday Wold, has a regualr theme park, based on the holdiays throughout the year, and a water park.  The park was clean and neat and the staff were very friendly.  The park offers free unlimited soft drinks and its various food offerings, while not cheap, were not expensive by theme park standards.

Admission to the park for the myself, the modelwife and the modelchild wasn’t cheap at $97.00.  However, even in a very crowded park we were able to ride all the rides we wanted to without too much standing in line.  They had plenty of rides that were age appropriate for the modelchild (age 5+)  The water park was also very nice and given how hot is was, it was a welcome relief.

I have come to three conclusions:

1. I am the only man between 15 and 50 without a visible tattoo.

2. The modelwife is the only woman in the same age range without a ho tag.

3. We were very lucky to avoid getting ill.  See this news story.  We were on the ride in question about 45 minutes before this happened.

All in all, we had a good time and will probably go back again next year.

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