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February 15, 2020

Revell Ju-88 A-1

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Here we have some of the first images of Revell’s new Battle of Britain variant of the Ju-88 A-1 slated for release this year. Looks promising.

November 29, 2019

Revell Ju-88A-1

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A hole in the 72nd scale modeling world has been an A-1 version of the Ju-88.  This was the most numerous version used in the Battle of Britain.  Now Revell has announced that they are doing one.  Given their excellent A-4 version, I have high hopes.

January 10, 2009

Resin parts review (Quickboost Ju-88G-1 gun barrels)

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Quickboost Ju-88G-1 gunpack gun barrels 72nd scale

Review by David M. Knights #17656

2.5 Euros  Approximately $5.50





One of the latest resin wonders from the Eastern European manufacturer Quickboost, is a set of replacement barrels for the gun pack of the Hasegawa Ju-88G-1.  As is usual for this manufacturer, the resin casting is flawless.  There are no pin holes or casting flaws.  The replacement barrels are thinner than the kit parts, as illustrated in the photograph.  The kit part is on the right in the photo.




The other advantage of the resin replacements is that the barrels have surface detail, while the kit parts are simply smooth styrene rods.


On the kit, one set of barrels barely pokes out of the gun pack, and thus replacing those barrels won’t make much difference.  However, the lower set of barrels in the gun pack protrude out a considerable length, thus replacing the kit parts with the Quickboost replacements will make a noticeable difference.  The cost of these replacement parts is fairly nominal and they Certainly will make a difference in the look of your finished


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