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May 15, 2020

Airfix MiG-17 #10 Decals

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Previous post here.  I am into the decal stage.  Using Xtracals sheet 72-313.  The instructions show the national insignia in 6 positions, but the sheet only gives you 4.  This caused momentary panic and anger until I looked at the photos of the plane and determined that the wing insignia were upper left and lower right only, not all 4 wing positions as indicated on the instructions.

Here is where I am now.



May 13, 2020

Airfix MiG-17 #9 Out of the paint shop

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Another update.  Previous update here.  The MiG is done with painting and has now been glossed in anticipation of decals.  So far, so good.












And here she is glossed up.

April 26, 2020

Airfix MiG-17 #8 Better late than never

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The last time I posted an update was on April 4th.  My apologies.  While I have been building on the MiG, I haven’t posted an update.  The model has been primed and the flaws revealed have been fixed.  I have begun painting the underside blue.  I preshaded and then applied a light base coat and a highlight coat.  Here is where it stands.

Underside blue

April 9, 2020

MiG-17 OMG

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Guys, fair warning. I have fallen down the rabbit hole on the new Airfix MiG-17.  I apologize, but a lot of MiG-17 posts are coming, starting with a deep, deep dive on the 400L drop tanks.  Feel free to mute this if it gets too obnoxious.

April 4, 2020

Airfix MiG-17 #7 I’ve been framed

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The MiG is ready for primer.  However, before that could happen I needed to paint the canopy frames Alclad Dull Aluminium so that you’d see that as the inside frame color.  Wiled I was at it, I sprayed a bit of Dull Aluminum in the intake tunnel to cover some minor touch up and also painted the underside of the tail under the burner can.  I also assembled the two drop tanks.  While I am not going to use them on this model, I know this isn’t the last Airfix MiG-17 I’ll be building and most of them carried the wing tanks, so this will get me ahead of the game in the future.  Also, I want to use the opportunity to do a little research and see what I can do to improve the kit parts.

April 3, 2020

MiG-17 drop tanks

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I am just going to “drop” these pictures here for later reference.























March 29, 2020

MiG-17 #6 Prime time

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Last post here.

Work on the MiG has been progressing.  Finally got it to the point where she is ready for priming.  Here is where she sits.

Ready for priming

March 4, 2020

Airfix MiG-17 #5

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Previous post here.

Apologies for the delayed update.  The fuselage is together, though I don’t yet know if I avoided the model being a tail-sitter.  I did forget to mention that I’ve followed the instruction sequence, except that I left the gun site off so that I can attach it later in the build.  Here is the state of things. The wings are assembled, but are just dry fitted into the fuselage in these photos.


















February 25, 2020

Airfix MiG-17 #4

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Part 3 here.

Well, I added a crap ton of weight behind the cockpit and on the side of the fuselage ahead of the wing.  There is also a small weight under the cockpit, behind the wheel well.  The problem with the positioning of the weight is that it is farther back than the nose and thus will be less effective in keeping the nose down.  Here it is right before the fuselage is closed up.

February 23, 2020

Airfix MiG-17 #3

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Part 1 here.

Part 2 here.

Work continues on the Burkina Faso MiG-17.  The seat and cockpit were finished and assembled into the cockpit tub.  There is a space in front of the tub where Airfix recommends you put 20g of weight in order to avoid having a tail-sitter.  If you happen to have a slug of depleted uranium lying around then by all means use 20 grams of it to weight the nose. However, for those modelers who don’t have some slightly radioactive super heavy metal lying around, good luck.  Because using any normal metal as your weight is going to leave you well short of 20 grams.  I used liquid gravity, which is very tiny lead shot which I sealed in with 6 minute epoxy.  Filling the cavity to the brim packed very tightly allowed me to pack in. . . . 3.5 grams.  Hmmm.  This presents a challenge.  Also, since the nose of the MiG is open, you’ll need to paint the inside of the fuselage to represent the inside of the intake tunnel I attempted to add depth I painted the fore part aluminum and the back portion steel.  Here is where it stands.


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