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June 9, 2012

Magazine review: Model Aircraft Monthly Vol. 11 #3 (March 2012)

MAM continues to be the best of the aircraft modeling magazines IMHO.  While it isn’t the MAM of old, when Neil Robinson was editor, it is much better than the declining SAMI.  It might still be better than SAM, but that magazine is coming on strong.

This issue features a nice historical article on the Soviet Far East naval air force in WWII.  It also features a build article on the fairly new 72nd Revell B-17G.  There is also a report from the Nuremberg toy fair with photos of many of the upcoming releases for 2012.

While SAM is coming on strong, I still think that currently MAM is the best value for the money when it comes to aircraft modeling magazines.  I’d like to see MAM have more 72nd content, but then again I’d love it if MAM, or SAM became a totally 72nd focused magazine.  I can hope, can’t I?


December 6, 2011

Magazine review: Model Aircraft Monthly Vol. 10 #10

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MAM Vol.10 #10

Model Aircraft Monthly continues to make its climb back to its former place as the best aircraft modeling magazine out there.  It isn’t back to the quality that existed when Neil Robinson was running the show, but it is getting there.

This issue has as its coverstory, an article on the Su-25 and its derivatives, along with numerous color sideviews illustrations.  Since there are a surprising number of countries that operate the Su-25, the number and variety of color schemes is impressive.

On the modeling from, for the worshipers of the divine scale, there is a comparative build of two kits of the Fairey Spearfish, one a resin kit and the other, a vac form.  While the article isn’t perfect, where else are you going to find two build articles on teh Fairey Spearfish. (Google it if you are wondering what it is.

The issue rounds out with articles on the British efforts in Lybia (current, not WWII) and an article on Russian Ekranoplans which is the second part of an article from a previous issue.

As I said, not perfect, but MAM is getting back to its old form.

September 6, 2011

Magazine review: Model Aircraft Monthly Vol.10 #8 (August 2010)

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Model Aircraft Monthly continues to return to its former glory.  It still isn’t what it was under the previous editor prior to the name change, but it gets better every issue.

This issue has a lot for the 72nd scale modeler.  The feature article is on the P-3 and there are 2 72nd scale builds of the Hasegawa kit.  There is also a build converting an S.81 into an S.73 airliner in 72nd scale as well as a 72nd scale build of a resin C-123.

There is a feature article on the Battle of the Coral Sea with color side-view drawings of numerous aircraft that participated in the battle.  While not perfect, this is currently the best of the commercial modeling magazines.

May 16, 2011

Magazine review: Model Aircraft Monthly Vol.10 #4

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Model Aircraft Monthly Vol. 10 #4

MAM is back!  Well, sort of.  Having seen the error of thier ways, the folks at SAM Publications (the folks who bring you SAMI) has returned MAM to its former name and format.  The number 4 issue of Volume 10 is the first with the “new” old name and the old format, a mix of aircraft history and modeling.

It is a good issue.  It isn’t without its flaws.  It is plagued by typos, as is its sister publication SAMI.  Also, some of the modeling content isn’t up to the standards of the older issues.  However, there is clearly hope.  It is nice to have a model magazine that I can’t read in an hour and a half.

The main feature of this issue is a focus on the MiG-21, which is in concert with the Eduard release in 48th scale.  In addition, there is a very nice article on the different underside finishes of early war Spitfires.

I am glad to see this magazine go back to its roots.  It is the one that was closest to the old SAM prior to its “switch” to an all aviation format.  I look forward to further issues.  Welcome back.

May 25, 2009

Magazine review: Model Aircraft Magazine Vol.7 #12

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Yes, I know these reviews are out of order.  I have a stack of unread modeling magazines, and they aren’t in order,  I pull one off the stack and read it.  Then, sometime after I get around to doing a blog review. 

Model Aircraft Monthly 7/12

Model Aircraft Monthly 7/12


Another great issue of the premier aircraft modeling magazine out there.  (The premier modeling magazine of any type is probably MMiR, but that is the subject for another post.)

This issue contains part 3 of a very nice article on the A-20 Boston in Soviet service.  The Soviets used alot of these and heavily modified the.  I didn’t realize this.  A very nice article.  There are also very nice build articles on the 72nd Academy Il-2 and the Airfix RB-57E.  Finally, there is an overview of air combat in the Indo-Pakistani wars, with numerous color side views.

Another highly recommended issue.

May 15, 2009

Magazine review: Model Aircraft Monthly Vol.8 #1

In this post I reviewed a “new look” issue of Scale Aircraft Modelling (SAM).  While I generally like the new look, there were editing and layout problems that left me disappointed.  Jim Bates commented on the post and voiced his feelings on the subject.  We both agree that the new SAM isn’t the SAM of old, the SAM that was THE must read model magazine for aircraft modelers. 

This raises the question, what is the must read magazine for aircraft modelers?  I’d argue that it is Model Aircraft Monthly (MAM). MAM, which is published by the same folks who publish Scale Aircraft Modeller International (SAMI) is the in-depth model magazine currently out there.  It has the mix of reviews and builds along with historical articles that the old SAM use to have those many years ago.

In this issue, there are nice historical articles on Greek A-7s and the stillborn naval version of the Jaguar.  For the 72nd scale modeler there is a very in-depth build article on the Sunderland MkIII as well as an acompanying historical article.  Finally there is an article on the current Tornado F.3 squadrons in RAF service.  There is so much in each issue of MAM that it takes me days to get thru an issue, as opposed to an issue of FineScale, which I can get thru in one visit to the loo waiting for the bran muffin to kick in.

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