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May 24, 2011

Skippy’s BT-1 nears paint

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Skip continues to take the Valom BT-1 and turn it into a masterpiece.  It has been primed.

BT-1 #1

Here it is with the canopy off and in primer.

BT-1 #3

March 1, 2011

More Valom BT-1 madness

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Scott “Skippy” King continues to make progress on his Valom BT-1.  For Skippy, he is building at a blazing pace.

Here is a shot of his most recent progress.  Looking good, Skip.

Valom BT-1

February 24, 2011

Scott King’s BT-1

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Scott “Skippy” King has been working on the Valom BT-1.  This is a dog of a kit and as usual, Skippy is turning it into a masterpiece.  Photos below.

BT-1 fuselage


More BT-1 fuselage

February 2, 2011

Scott King’s BT-1

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My friend Scott King is working on the 72nd scale Valom kit of the BT-1.

Here are two in-progress photos he sent me.

BT-1 in progress

BT-1 fuselage

August 17, 2009

At least someone is modeling.

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I wish it were me.  Here is Scott “Skippy” King’s latest.

Buffalo #1

Buffalo #1

Here is another shot.

Buffalo #2

Buffalo #2

November 8, 2008

My personal modeling sherpa

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My local club, MMCL, is blessed with a number of fantastic modelers.  These guys are some of the best modelers I know.

My personal modeling sherpa is Scott “Skippy” King.  Skip has the traits all good modelers I know have.  Skip doesn’t think that his models are that special.  He is willing to share freely of his modeling techniques.  I have learned more than I could ever say from Skippy.

Below is one of his works in progress.  It is a 72nd scale Hasegawa Buffalo.  He has converted it to a Dutch aircraft.  I love what he has done with the engine.  The photograph below doesn’t do the actual model justice.  One day I hope to do a radial engine half as well.

Buffalo Engine

Buffalo Engine

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