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March 8, 2017

Appliance modeling

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Story here.


June 10, 2014


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Scott “Skippy” King and I have decided to engage in a challenge build of the Special Hobby SB2U Vindicator.  I intend to post progress photos here as well as  reference photos and other interesting tidbits related to the build and the SB2U.

In searching the net, I’ve found numerous photos of SB2Us  Here are a couple of detail shots I found.  I claim no copyright on the phtos.  Two of them are photos of the SB2U-2 that is in the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola FL.








This is a photo of the fuselage panel removed revealing the right inside of the cockpit.








Another shot of the NAM museum SB2U with right panels removed revealing right insides of the front and rear cockpit areas.









A black and white shot of the front cockpit interior.

February 6, 2010

Book review: The Dutch Naval Air Force Against Japan (Pub.2006)

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Thanks to fellow modeler Skippy, I was able to read this book over the last week.  I’ve always had a special interest for the period of history in the Pacific that is  covered by the first few months of WWII.  Skippy is a particular fan of the NEI (Netherlands East Indies) air war and is my go to source of knowledge on any question regarding that subject.  He recently allowed me to borrow this book, which he read and highly recommended.

As usual, Skippy was right.  This is an excellent book and a quick read.  It covers the subject well.  I particularly liked the fact that even though it was a big picture history of the events of the time, it had lots of personal stories and detail.  The appendix alone makes it a must have for any modeler considering building any of the MLD (Dutch Naval Air Service) aircraft of the period.  Highly recommended.

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