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December 30, 2021

China is serious about the moon

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And we should be too.  Story here. (Post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

December 15, 2021

More SpaceX success

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Time just made Elon Musk Man of the Year.  IMHO it is well deserved.  We wouldn’t be in space like we are if it wasn’t for him.  An example. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

December 14, 2021

This is cool

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While I am generally wary of Chinese ambitions in space, I have to say that this is a cool example of cooperation and an indication of where we could go with a less oppressive Chinese government.

December 7, 2021

China is serious about space: Part 654321

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Story here.  Note, there is no such thing in China as a “private company”.  ( Post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

December 2, 2021

Well, this is good news

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First orbital Starship test in January.

November 23, 2021

Interesting USAF developments

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Story here.  I wonder how much is already operational that we are not aware of?

November 8, 2021

Congrats SpaceX

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Crew-2 is back to Earth. Crew 3 is ready to go. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

October 29, 2021

How many times do I have to say it?

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China is serious about space.  We need to get serious too.  Thank God for Elon Musk. ( post in memory of Mike Nofsinger, who would be pulling his hair out over this, if he had any left. 🙂  )

October 26, 2021

A private space station

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Blue Origin is touting plans for a private space station for research and tourism.  I can see a demand for this, especially for countries without a space program who still want to conduct space based micro-gravity experiments. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

October 18, 2021

China’s new weapon?

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Is it even a weapon?  Sadly, I despair that the US will get serious about military and technology development.

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