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September 17, 2020

Smart move

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This is a smart move by NASA. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

September 13, 2020

I don’t say this enough

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God bless Elon Musk.  Man, if he didn’t exist, we’d be required to invent him. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)


September 10, 2020

The Moon

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We might get back to the moon some day. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

September 9, 2020

Chinese X-37B?

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Do the Chinese have their own version of the X-37BIt may have just landed after its first flight. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

August 30, 2020

Elon Musk is a wizard

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This is freaking amazing.  The did this 4 times with this same piece of equipment. ( post in memory of Mike Nofsinger, who is enjoying the heck out of this.)


August 26, 2020

The best editorial you will ever read

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William Shatner clears some things up.  I hope the government listens.

August 22, 2020

More on the Sierra Nevada Space Plane

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I linked to an article about this Louisville-based company previously.

Here is more on the subject. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

August 18, 2020

Way to go JAXA

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Looks like JAXA is going to get more use out of their asteroid exploring satellite. Good job JAXA. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

Cool space news.. with a Louisville connection

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Story here.  It is a shame that this will be a non-crewed vehicle as a crewed version would be really neat.  We are entering the heyday of private spaceflight, and that is a good thing. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

SpaceX Dragon

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Looks like the first full crew launch of the Dragon capsule will be in October due to a lot of other missions to the ISS in September.  Three NASA and one JAXA astronaut will be on board.  Can’t wait to see it. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

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