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March 30, 2011

Magazine review: AiR Isssue #32 (Oct/Nov 2010)

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I don’t often purchase this magazine.  That is a shame.  It is really a good magazine, and I have picked up several tips from it.  However, the $16 price tag is just too much to make it a regualr part of my modeling purchases.

I got this issue because of two things.  1st, there is an article by an excellent modeler , Yufei Moa.  He is one of the best 72nd scale modeler I’ve seen and I love his work.  This issue contains a model of an early MiG-29.  As usual, the work is inspired. 

Also, there is a build by another modeler of the Trumpeter Su-15.  Since I am in the beginning stages of this kit, I wanted to see what someone else did, especially since the modeler/author did the same scheme that I wanted to do.  It is a very nice job, with very subtle fading and weathering.

Again, I’d recommend this issue, but given the price, I just have a tough time recommending every issue of this magazine, even with its quality content.

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