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May 1, 2020

Su-25 decals

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I like Su-25s and I like decals.  Combine the two.  What is not to like?

March 4, 2020

Su-25 kills a Tu-16 with an anti-tank missile

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What more is there to add to a headline like that?

October 12, 2019


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Rumor that Clearprop is doing a new Su-25.

February 4, 2018

Russian Su-25 shot down

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Syrian rebels managed to down a Russian Su-25, though it is unclear what weapon was used to bring the plane down.  This means that the Russians have lost about 10 aircraft and helicopters in the last month in Syria.  Given the Russian financial situation, these losses are going to hurt, especially if they continue at this pace.

December 6, 2011

Magazine review: Model Aircraft Monthly Vol. 10 #10

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MAM Vol.10 #10

Model Aircraft Monthly continues to make its climb back to its former place as the best aircraft modeling magazine out there.  It isn’t back to the quality that existed when Neil Robinson was running the show, but it is getting there.

This issue has as its coverstory, an article on the Su-25 and its derivatives, along with numerous color sideviews illustrations.  Since there are a surprising number of countries that operate the Su-25, the number and variety of color schemes is impressive.

On the modeling from, for the worshipers of the divine scale, there is a comparative build of two kits of the Fairey Spearfish, one a resin kit and the other, a vac form.  While the article isn’t perfect, where else are you going to find two build articles on teh Fairey Spearfish. (Google it if you are wondering what it is.

The issue rounds out with articles on the British efforts in Lybia (current, not WWII) and an article on Russian Ekranoplans which is the second part of an article from a previous issue.

As I said, not perfect, but MAM is getting back to its old form.

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