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January 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

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I’ve been to the local Kmart twice in the last few months after not having been in one for years.  Kmart looks more and more like an upscale Big Lots.  I remember when Kmart was the standard and Target was the “off brand” Kmart.

Add Troy to the list of movies I have to watch when they are on, at least up to the fight between Hector and Achilles.

I am happy that Chuck and Psych are back with new episodes.  Both had homages to “An Officer and a Gentlemen” in this week’s episodes.

May 20, 2009

was zum Teufel? (What the hell?)

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In a recent post I noted that I had gotten a good deal on a wire shelving unit at Target.  Well, I put it up in the mancave and moved all of my models of WWII German aircraft to it.  Here is a photo.

Model rack

Model rack

This led to a “what the hell” moment.  I am not particularly interested in WWII German subjects with some rare exception.  I have a fair number of German kit subjects that I have picked up along the way, and I’ll build something Luftwaffe from time to time, but in general, it isn’t a passion for me.  This leads to the question, “How the hell did this happen?’ (See photo below)

Too many 111s and 88s

Too many 111s and 88s

How did I end up with 4 Hasegawa He-111 and 4 Ju-88s, including 3 Ju-88G1 nightfighters?  I have no memory of having bought that many.  I didn’t know I had all of them until I was moving the german stuff onto the new rack.  I am not sure what this means, but I know it isn’t good!

May 11, 2009

Weekend update

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With a nod to Dennis Miller and the old Saturday Night Live.  Of course, this weekend was Mother’s Day.  It was also the modelwife and my 11th wedding anniversary.  To celebrate, we dropped the modelchild off at her great aunt and great uncle’s and went shopping for bikes.  After looking at several places, we finally ended up at Target.  I like Target.  I think they are the best combination of quality and price.  A little better quality merchandise than Walmart, but still good prices.  I have generally avoided shopping at Target ever since they banned the Salvation Army bellringers from their stores a few years ago.  However, looking at their site, they got burned by the backlash from that decision and have donated significant amounts of money to the Salvation army since then. 

In any event,  we found the bikes we liked at Target and got them.  This is the bike I got.  It is categorized as a hybrid on their site, but when you see it in person, it is clearly a road bike.  With two bikes and some unrealted goodies, we had quite a bill at Target.  On checkout, I went to pay with a Visa, and Target offered me a 10% discount to apply for a Target card and pay using it.  The application process took all of 30 seconds and saved me over $50.  This was a deal in my book.

Sunday was spent in church and riding the new bikes up to the park near our house.  The modelchild road all the way up and back on her bike, which surprised me.  I didn’t think she had that kind of stamina for bike riding.  We may get a lot of use out of the bikes this summer after all.

I also spent some time yesterday in the little garden in the back yard.  Here is a photo of it from a couple of weeks ago.

My garden

My garden

I cut the phone line to the house while digging the garden. (Oops).  AT & T was out there in an hour and a half to fix the problem.  Actually the service guy said it wasn’t my fault since the line should have been buried 18 inches underground but it was less than six inches deep under my garden.  That made me feel marginally less stupid.

Also yesterday, even though it was mother’s day, I got to spend about 30 minutes in one of my favorite places. Here:



Yesterday was the first day we hadn’t had any rain in almost two weeks.  I took advantage of the fact by spending 30 minutes using the hammock to relax.  All in all, it was a great weekend.  I even got some more shelving at Target to go in the man cave!

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