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August 28, 2019

Actual modeling content

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In working on a project (more about that later in a future post) I had a problem with a seam in a difficult spot.

Normally I would use Mr. Surfacer here, but given that clean up with denatured alcohol is required, it would affect the Alclad sprayed on the tailpipe.  However, I happen to have some Vallejo putty that I have had for years, but never tried.  Its virtue is that it cleans up with water.

Here is the first application.  Like many water soluble putties, it has an issue with shrinkage, so I am going to apply another application after this dries.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, and considering it will be over sprayed with Alclad I am resigned to it not being perfect, but if it hides the seam, I’ll be happy.

I recently watched a YouTube video from Vallejo on the use of this putty.  We will see how it works.

More later.



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