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January 5, 2015

Sprue Cutters Union

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Over at the Combat Workshop, the Sprue Cutters Union has been reinvigorated.  Since Jim Bates has once again decided to blog, and is doing Sprue Cutters posts, I’ve decided to join in.

This week’s question is what products or techniques do you want to try in 2015.

I’m tempted to give a glib answer, such as I will try the technique of actually finishing more models.  However funny that response is, I understand that isn’t the question being asked.

So, seriously, in 2015 I hope to try the following products or techniques.

1. Dot filter technique.  The armor guys use this a lot and get some amazing results.  I’ve seen a few people use it on aircraft and I’d like to experiment with it.  I am starting by trying it on a base for the P-51 I’ve recently finished.  I’ll post photos of what results I get.

2. Alclad II.  I’ve used Alclad a few times and I like the finish.  However, I realize that I could be a lot better with it.  I hope to ty it a few times this year and improve my technique.

3. An airliner.  I like airliners.  Given the Modelwife’s connection to the industry, it is a natural area of interest.  I’ve wanted to build an airliner kit, but have never finished one.  THis year I hope to finish one.

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