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November 16, 2018

Jamaica gets an air force…sort of

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Jamaica has just put into service a surveillance aircraft and two helicopters.  Now does anyone make a kit of a surveillance version of the King Air 350 in 72nd scale?


November 15, 2018


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Jeff “Inch High” Groves and Jim “Cranky Canuck” Bates have shamed me with their qualitatively superior posts that aren’t just interesting links, but are actual research and model related information, with photos to boot.  I am going to try and change that.

Thanks to Scott “Skippy” King, I’ve been working on the Brengun MXY-7 Ohka.  Now that the great migration has finished and I’ve once again put down modeling roots, I’ve finally been able to model a bit.  Last night I broke out the airbrush and painted the interior of the Ohka.  Since sources are kind of sketchy, I decided to paint the interior floor and seat and instrument panel WEM Nakajima Interior Gray Green. I like the color.

Ohka cockpit

More to follow.

Hacking the F-35

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An interesting problem given the increasing computerization of modern fighter aircraft.

737 Max

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This report seems to indicate that Boeing screwed up. Not sure how you could install a new safety system and not brief pilots on the change.  I wonder if there is more to the story.

November 14, 2018

Neat find

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Jim Bates sent me this link, in which NASA provides us with files for a lot of 3D printable models.  If these things are scaleable, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t be, then this opens up a bunch of opportunities for 72nd scale space modelers. (Post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

Good thing she had a gun

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Story here.  Looks like Tennessee man is trying to give @FloridaMan a run for his money.

Taxing online

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Looks like Chicago is going the extra mile to squeeze every last ounce of revenue from its beleaguered citizens.  What a bunch of crooks.

November 13, 2018

B-17B in combat

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A story of the only B-17B to engage in combat.  (h/t to Jeff “Inch High” Groves for the link)

By Way of Introduction

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Jeff Groves has a new blog. Go on over and visit. Interesting stuff and I am sure more will follow.

Inch High Guy

Forsake hope all ye who enter. Here be Dragons.

… and Tamiya, and Eduard, and Revell, and Airfix. So nothing really dangerous save the occasional slip of the Xacto knife.  Nothing of general interest to average folk either, but if you are one of the modeling fraternity then hopefully you will find these pages enjoyable.  I have had an interest in modeling as long as I can remember, and a corresponding interest in military history.  Early on I focused on 1/72 scale due to the wide variety of subjects available in that scale and my desire for commonality.  The name “Inch High” is a reflection of that, a six foot tall man is an inch high in a 1/72 world.

With the desire for accuracy comes the need for research, modelers tend to collect reference material by the truckload. I am but one example of that among many.  Half the…

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The decline of Russia

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Russia continues to lose population.  My prediction is this leads to an attempt by China to grab part of the Russian far east at some point.

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